Priority will be established through receipt of a Reservation Agreement

The first and most important step for interested parties is to submit a reservation as soon as possible. A 50,000
Baht booking deposit is required to submit the reservation, which will be time/date stamped for priority.

After you have sent your reservation form, copy of passport and your reservation fee we will begin the contract.

We will email you the contract with payment terms.

✓ The contract fee is 25% and usually due within 2 weeks
✓ The balance of 75% can be split over construction period which we will discuss the best options for you.

The monthly maintenance fee is 35 baht per square meter per month .We ask for this paid yearly in advance as
this enables us to always to keep the in first class condition which is beneficial to yourself and us.

The only other costs which are payable at the end are:
Installation of water and electric meters approx. 7000 baht (1 time payment) Transfer fee variable from the purchase price (1 time
payment) + lawyer fee approx. 7000 baht. Sinking fund (insurance) 600 baht per square meter. (1 time payment)

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